1-Hour remote consulting

One hour remote meeting for a client looking for an action plan. We will review your current accounts and address any questions regarding budgeting, retirement, goals, and debt. 

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1-Hour In-Person Consulting

Base price for a 1-hour in person meeting based in Washington, DC. During this time we will develop an action plan and we will review any questions regarding budgeting, retirement accounts, goals, and debt. 

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4 quarterly consultations

For clients who need small check-ups to make sure they are still on track. 

This includes an action plan at the beginning and maintenance sessions for someone who is needs a few financial changes but not a complete overhaul. 



12 monthly consultations

For clients who have complex financial situations. This is typically best for families or those who want to learn more about investing.

This includes an action plan at the beginning with focused monthly sessions based on goals.




We work with corporations and individuals. If you are a corporate client who is looking for solutions for their employees, please fill out the form below. If you are an individual that is curious if this service is right for you, please fill out your questions below. A custom price scale will be outfitted.