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My Birthday Ritual & My Money

Yesterday was my birthday, and every year I use it as a time to reflect and celebrate. Reflecting is something I have to force myself to do because I really dislike it. I like to go, go, go, and unless I schedule out time, I won’t reflect, i.e., change. Since doing this little birthday ritual of mine the past few years, I have found that finances have been drastically impacted, in a good way. So, what do I do?

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When to Quit Taking Other People's Money

We’ve all been in a bad financial position. No matter what our station is in life, someone has helped us get somewhere financially. This could be in the form of a loan, a gift, or even a $20 bill. Often times, this loan or gift turns into more loans or gifts. The cycle we have started may feel good at first but can be difficult to break out of. When is it time to quit taking other people’s money?

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3 Money Myths

 Are you sabotaging yourself financially? If you're following any of these three myths below, the answer is YES! There is no shortage of financial advice from your parents, your teachers, or your colleagues but are you listening to opinions that actually matter? Let's squash these money myths before they squash your money!

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Your Morning Routine & Your Money

If you’ve ever studied successful people, you know that they typically wake up before 6 am. They have owed much of their success to having a morning routine and sticking to it. During the morning, many successful individuals meditate, workout, eat and catch up on the news before the delve into work.

After years of putting this off myself, I too have concluded that your morning route and your success are directly correlated.

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Am I Financially Normal?

The scariest question to ask yourself is “Do I have enough money?” I get this question from my clients often, and it is hard for me to answer because everyone has a different definition of normal. That’s because normal when it comes to money in America is being in debt.

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