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10 Ways to Increase Your Net Worth This Month

Isn’t this the weirdest time of the year? February is over; we’re in March…not quite spring, not quite winter, and many of us are just “holding out” until summer. When there is nothing to do but stay cooped up inside, why not start a new venture, side hustle, or put away extra dollars? In fact, all of my ventures were started or concocted right around this time every year. Today I’m going to be giving you ten easy ways to increase your net worth this month and exactly how to do them:

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When to Quit Taking Other People's Money

We’ve all been in a bad financial position. No matter what our station is in life, someone has helped us get somewhere financially. This could be in the form of a loan, a gift, or even a $20 bill. Often times, this loan or gift turns into more loans or gifts. The cycle we have started may feel good at first but can be difficult to break out of. When is it time to quit taking other people’s money?

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