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My Birthday Ritual & My Money

Yesterday was my birthday, and every year I use it as a time to reflect and celebrate. Reflecting is something I have to force myself to do because I really dislike it. I like to go, go, go, and unless I schedule out time, I won’t reflect, i.e., change. Since doing this little birthday ritual of mine the past few years, I have found that finances have been drastically impacted, in a good way. So, what do I do?

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Average Joes That Made it Big!

Do you do a happy dance when your paycheck comes in or are you already thinking of the bills you have to pay with it? Are you grateful when you have cash on hand or are you thinking of how fast it’s going to be gone? It’s time for you to switch your money mindset and get inspired. Below are 5 stories of average joe’s that became not so average:

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Financially Stressed? Here Are 5 Things To Do

When you feel financially stressed it can feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest. It can feel like there is no hope in sight and you don't know how to remedy the problem. Financial stress, no matter how burdensome, does not have to corrupt your spirit. Here are 5 steps to feeling less stressed (that have nothing to do with actual cash!): 

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