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When to Quit Taking Other People's Money

We’ve all been in a bad financial position. No matter what our station is in life, someone has helped us get somewhere financially. This could be in the form of a loan, a gift, or even a $20 bill. Often times, this loan or gift turns into more loans or gifts. The cycle we have started may feel good at first but can be difficult to break out of. When is it time to quit taking other people’s money?

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What To Do With a Raise?

Getting a raise is fantastic! It shows you are doing well at work, you are moving up in the corporate world, and your are on your way to a better possibility of financial security. However, if you aren't careful with how you utilize your raise, you can end up in serious debt. Here's what you should do with your next raise:

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What is an emergency fund?

Getting out of debt is a noble endeavor and sometimes, if you can believe it, you may start getting addicted to paying it off. Once this happens you may devote every penny to getting that debt down. You may even take on odd jobs or a side hustle to support your pursuit of being debt-free. Then the unthinkable happens. Your car breaks down. What are your choices?

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