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Top 3 Sectors for Millennial Investment

Nearly all of my clients are millennials and they are always looking for the next big thing to invest in. However, many of them have consumer and student loan debt and are adding to that debt with homeownership. So, even though many of my clients would like to be risky, many simply can't afford it. These 3 sectors will give millennials the growth they are looking for without being overly risky (depending on the investment, of course):

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Shock of Picking a Stock

Investing for the first time is like learning a new language. There are new acronyms, symbols, and confusing vocabulary that can leave you overwhelmed and frankly a little defeated. However, with a little guidance and some easy steps, you can be on your way to investing in stocks for the first time. 

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Why Does Time Matter? (Part 3)

The final part of our beginner investor series! We have gone over what investing is, how compounding makes it work, and lastly, we need to discuss why time matters. Time is an essential part of investing. Why? Time allows your money to grow! The process of compounding allows your earnings to grow on itself however, it needs time to do that.

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