5 Hot Tech Stocks this Spring

Technology is one sector that, despite market scares, has not gone out of style. We know that everything has gone digital and companies that aren’t up to date with technology may risk going out of business. So, what does this mean for investors? There is still growth in tech! One misconception is that all technology is made the same. Technology is comprised of smaller sub-sectors that make up tech stocks as a whole. Each sub-sector is responsible for different facets of our digital life. If you want to be a smart investor in tech, you need diversification within the sub-sectors. Here are the sub-sectors you need to know:

  • Communications Equipment

  • Electronic Equipment, Instruments, Components

  • IT Services

  • Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment

  • Software

  • Technology Hardware, Storage, Peripheals

Each of your favorite tech stock may fit into one or many of these categories. To properly diversify, try to pick stocks that fit into more than one tech sector. Now, on to the good stuff.

Here are 5 company’s that I am bullish on this spring:


  • Altassian is a company that I use every day. It is an Australian enterprise software company that is known for its issue-tracking software, Jira, and its team collaboration software, Confluence. My team uses BitBucket, which is a code collaboration software, which they acquired in 2012.

  • Why do I like Altassian? They are brave and bullish on technology. They have made smart acquisitions and develop products for developers. They have made strategic and savvy moves to grow their company. With a good leadership team and products that we all need, I think Altassian will be a company that is well-known in 5 years.

  • ticker symbol: TEAM

  • sector: Software


  • Who likes sales? No one. Who knows that sales matter? Salesforce. Salesforce is a CRM or customer relationship management software. Salesforce is also a SaaS application ,also known as software as a service. Salesforce tracks interactions with your customers, generates reports, and allows a manager to see all the deals that are occurring in the company.

  • Why do I like Salesforce? Salesforce has a lot of competition. but because it has smart leadership and has become a reliable product, their income keeps growing. Salesforce has also made many acquisitions and has enough money to acquire their competitors. Salesforce is an enormous company but I believe it still has room to grow with new product lines.

  • ticker symbol: CRM

  • sector: Software


  • Everyone has heard of Paypal. They have been around for quite some time, and many of us have used it. You may not know when you use companies such as Venmo or Braintree, you are putting money in Paypal’s wallet. Paypal, like Salesforce and Altassian, has made some extremely smart acquisitions.

  • Why do I like Paypal? Paypal recently partnered with Instagram to be able to check out while still logged into instagram. Since instagram is arguably the most used social media platform this year, this is a no-brainer as an investment. Paypal is also investing in Uber to create a digital wallet for their drivers and users. Although Paypal has been around for over 20 years, they move like a startup and have made wise investment partners and choices.

  • ticker symbol: PYPL

  • sector: Financial Services


  • Twilio is a cloud communications software company that was founded in 2008. Twilio allows developers to send and receive text and phone calls through web API’s. You can thank them for those pesky reminders and codes you receive.

  • Why do I like Twilio? Twilio recently acquired a company called Sendgrid that I use and was an investor in. It is their first of what I believe to be many acquisitions in the future. Twilio’s stock price has soared this past quarter while maintaining excellent revenue. Twilio is thought to be overpriced by analysts at the moment but I think it will maintain its newfound expensive price per share.

  • ticker symbol: TWLO

  • sector: Software


  • Workday is a company that almost everyone uses but few know about. Workday is a cloud ERP system for human resources and financial management. Its goal is to unify finance, HR, and planning.

  • Why do I like Workday? I like how it’s sold and I like the value add. Many companies want to see how employees, as well as departments, impact their bottom line. By merging finance and HR together with machine learning, companies are getting to know their own company better. In addition, each company isn’t locked into using workday. The companies pay a subscription fee that allows for income cash flow to Workday and flexibility to each customer.

  • ticker symbol: WDAY

  • sector: Software

There is still room for growth in tech! These companies have the capital and the leadership to acquire and inspire future generations to come. Don’t like my picks? What do you think about tech? Let me know below!