How I Consistently Pay Half Off For Clothes

I love clothes. I buy a lot of clothes, but I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. The relative part of this sentence is “a lot of money” - so, what does that mean for me? That means that I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on clothes per month. For other people, that may be normal. For some, that may be an astronomical amount. I want to say before we get into this article that I primarily buy high quality, high dollar clothing. I buy this clothing for up to 50-70% off. I buy that clothing consistently at that price without it being on sale. So, how do I do it?

I know what fits me

Do you ever see other people roaming the stores looking for their perfect size? Trying on a myriad of clothing items trying to figure out what looks right? That person is not me. See, I’ve done the grunt work beforehand. I’ve roamed around stores in the past and have tried on all sorts of clothing. Today, I know my exact size in all of the brands I want to buy. I also know that one size in one brand is not another size in another brand. I’m aware of all of my sizes in all of my favorite clothing brands which brings me to the next point:

I buy the same brands

I consistently buy the same brands over and over again. Why? I know they fit. They rarely change their size structure, and they stick to the same sizing regardless of the season. This allows me to find this brand at multiple different places whether it be online or in a store. I can shop discount places like or T.J. Maxx with confidence that a certain size will work for me. I don’t waste a ton of time trying things on if I know they will work.

I don’t stick to season

I am a person who never buys on-season. I always am buying summer stuff in the winter and winter stuff in the summer. Most people look at me like I’m crazy, but that is how I find these killer deals. Brands are trying to get rid of inventory, and they do not want to hold onto it well into the next season. The funny thing is that most brands recreate items from past seasons with a few tweaks or changes. So essentially I buy something that I know will come back in style or stay in style.

I buy quality items

Not only do I find good deals but I buy quality items that last for years. My first pair of expensive “business pants” that I purchased from Elie Tahari are still my favorite business pants five years later. They go with everything and are still in great shape. Had I bought a lesser quality item I would probably have to replace these pants every year which would far outweigh their original cost. So, I have savings over time too rather than just the initial purchase.

I still buy in the store

Now, most of you will probably say “all of the deals are online!” but that is not true. For example, I buy items from two stores in particular that have significantly better sales in the store than they do online. Brick and mortar locations are struggling so there are in-store incentives to get shoppers inside and spending money. Realizing this is happening allows you as the consumer to take advantage and buy a lot of items at once. For example, I just bought a sweater for $7 when it was originally $98. I’m still thrilled with that deal! All because I went into the store - online it was still $68.

I Leave!

When I find a great deal, I don’t keep looking for more so that I can spend a certain amount of money, I leave the store. I am happy with the money I saved and don’t try to fit other items in. This is where bargain shopping gets so cumbersome is when you feel like you have gotten a great deal so you buy more and more and more only to end up spending more money than you would have if you purchased the item new in the first place. Once you find your deal or deals, don’t fill up your cart with useless items you don’t need. Revel in your good deal and exit the store.