Charitable Giving On A Budget

Love giving back but don't think you have much to give? Today we're going to be breaking down charitable giving on a budget and give you realistic ways to give without breaking the bank:

1. Factor it in

Giving is something that can be factored into your budget. You may feel particularly charitable around Christmas or the holidays but may not be accurately preparing for it the remainder of the year. By starting today and factoring charitable giving into your budget, even if it is as small as $5 a month, can hold you accountable so when you want to give you are also ready to give. Try using personal capital to see where your money is currently being spent and how you can make adjustments to factor in giving.

2. Create a challenge 

Unsure if your contribution can make a difference on your own? Create a challenge with your family and friends! By including others in your giving it not only helps you feel like you're giving more but helps others feel like they're doing something productive for the world too. This is a win-win situation for you, your family and friends, and the receivers of the donation.

3. Change Jar for Change

Are the previous two ideas too time intensive for you? Create a change jar! Easy peasy. Instead of saving up the change for a family vacation, give that change at the end of the year to your favorite organization. This way, the entire family can pitch in little by little creating one big donation for a lucky donor at the end.

4. Volunteer

If you are seriously strapped for cash but care about a cause, volunteer your most precious asset, your time. Many organizations need more people to lend a helping hand and it isn’t always just soup kitchens. In today’s world, getting the word out about a charity can be inclusive of a marketing strategy, digital assets, and communication specialists. Your skillset may just be what the organization needs most!

P.S. - 

No matter what organization or charity you would like to give to, do your homework. Not all charities are made equally. Make sure that the intended recipient is the person benefitting from your donation. A few sites that are helpful include Guidestar, CharityNavigator, and Charity Watch