7 Signs You're Financially Secure

1. You Know Things Don't Buy Happiness

You enjoy what you have! You know that things do not buy you happiness. You are content with the items in your life and don't seek to clutter it with useless gadgets and gizmos. 

2. You Don't Owe Anyone Money

You are independent! You don't owe anyone money. You don't have to avoid your friends, family members, or financial institutions because of late payments. You feel healthy knowing that you are sustaining yourself. 

3. You Aren't Scared of an Emergency 

You know that if the roof falls in (literally or figuratively), that you will be ok! You may not have as much as you hoped for but you aren't shuddering at the thought of something going wrong. You are comfortable knowing emergencies happen. 

4. You Sleep Well At Night

You get your zzz's in! You aren't losing sleep thinking about upcoming bills or late payments. You are getting your rest and are able to operate at full speed. 

5. You Like Saving Your Money

You enjoy seeing your bank account increase! You keep your money in your bank account or investment account and are not in a rush to get out and spend it. You get comfort from increasing your net worth. 

6. You Don't Need to Impress Anyone 

You are at peace with yourself! You don't need to flash around your money to impress your family, friends, or coworkers. You are good knowing your own net worth without rubbing it in someone else's face. 

7. You Seek Out Advice 

You know there are people who can help! You know that there are people, books, and resources that can help you reach your financial goals. You know you aren't alone.