The War on Being "Realistic"


You’re in the middle of explaining your dreams and your financial goals when the person you’re speaking to looks at you and says “Is that realistic?” Now it’s in your head, festering.

You have a good job but think you can’t get promoted…that isn’t realistic.

You have a good salary but you shouldn’t make more…that isn’t realistic.

You have the down payment for a house but think you should still rent….being a homeowner isn’t realistic.

Your definition of “realistic” affects you and your money. I wrote previously on self-esteem and net worth, being “realistic” is the antithesis of true wealth. Why? Realistic is what you make it. If you do not believe you can achieve a greater income, get out of debt, or get promoted, it will come true. If you do believe you are worthy of more money, living financially free, and a promotion, then you will receive it. If you don’t think it can be done, simply read Average Joes Who Made it Big! Your circumstances may even seem easy compared to those who created their dream life against all odds.

Do you want to know what I don't think is realistic? Staying in debt. Staying in your same job that emotionally drains you. Saying to yourself that you can’t get the income you desire.

That isn't realistic. 

If you’re looking to change your money views and be on your way to becoming a very realistic millionaire, book time with me.