The War on Being "Realistic"

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re having a conversation with a friend and are feeling positive about life. You have a good job, you're in a good space, and you have for the first time have a little bit of money to invest in yourself. You're starting to tell your friend what your dream is for this upcoming year thinking your friend will respond with equal enthusiasm for your side project or idea. Instead, your friend looks at you and says "Is that realistic?"

Now, instead of jumping for joy thinking about your idea, you're questioning yourself and feeling pretty low about the concept in the first place. You may even think it was stupid to think of such a grand plan or that someone like you could have pulled it off.


This isn't the first time you may have heard this schpeel. Now, you're questioning other things in your life and if those items are realistic. You have a good job but think you can’t get promo…that isn’t realistic.

You have a good salary, but you shouldn’t make more…that isn’t realistic.

You have the down payment for a house but think you should still rent….being a homeowner isn’t realistic.

Do you see how one small "it isn't realistic" has turned into a soul-crushing spiral thinking you can't do anything?

I'm here today to remind you what others believe is "realistic" for your life is none of your business! I wrote an article on self-esteem and net worth where I highlighted that being "realistic" is fake. Whatever is realistic to one person isn't realistic to another person. And normally your self-esteem directly affects how far you see yourself going in this world. If you find yourself hanging out with people that bring down your dreams, it may be time to get some new friends.

Because here is what most people view as realistic. Most people see reality as being in debt. Most people view reality as being in a job that drains you. Most people falsely believe that life has to be difficult and filled with turmoil. These views simply are not true.

If you believe you can achieve a great income, get out of debt, or get promoted, it will come true. If you do think you are worthy of more money, living financially free, and promotion, then you will never receive it. If you don’t think so, read Average Joes Who Made it Big! Your circumstances may even seem easy compared to those who created their dream life against all the odds.

Your version of realistic affects your world. Try speaking positivity into your life and trying to actively change your mindset from "this can't be done" to "I'm working on achieving it." Cut out people in your life who will not support your goals and dreams. There are plenty of successful people who are looking to help others become all they can be. All you have to do is first change your mindset then watch your life change around you.

If you want to change your money views but don't know the first step book time with me. I'll help you over this hurdle.