The Ultimate Vacation Budget

It is almost summer!! The kids are getting out of school and your vacation is scheduled but have you forgotten about your budget? Vacations should be relaxing and your splurge should not follow you home. Here's how you can stay on budget while on vacation:

1. Book before you go 

The key to staying on budget during your vacation is to do as much of the "spending" before you go. Your hotel, transportation, and activities should be booked in advance. This way, you will not feel pressured to add last minute activities that are not in your budget. 

2. Have a Pre-Set Spending Limit

Before you go on vacation, set a spending limit! You can share this with your family or friends on the trip to keep you accountable. Emergencies can happen while going on trip like a tire being blown out, an unexpected bag fee, or a grocery trip. All of these things should be included in your vacation budget. You should have a buffer, if possible, of $200 for emergencies on your trip. 

3. Do ONE meal out (per day)

Eating out is a budget ruiner. Try to have only one meal out per day. Go on a grocery trip if possible to have food prepared for you and your family or friends. Keep your eating out to a minimum and keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

4. Kick the Memorabilia

Forget the the shirt, hat, or keychain from your favorite vacation stop. Instead, take pictures! Kick the memorabilia and focus on your time there. You will be glad after the fact you didn't spend money on something you may never use. 

5. Pack for Every Scenario

Check the weather and pack accordingly. Don't forget your tennis shoes, workout gear, or raincoat if the weather calls for it. This "uh oh" moment can turn into a big expense for your trip. Create a list before you go, pack, and pick up any needed items before you leave. 

What are your vacation budget musts?