Your Self-Worth and Your Income

Have you ever realized that often, jerks make a lot of money?

You most likely have seen a person who is an absolute jerk and is also incredibly wealthy. It can be infuriating knowing that you are a hard-worker, but your bank account does not show it. So, why do jerks get ahead?


One common theme with money is whoever has the most confidence usually has the most income. Why? They know the money will come and they know they are worth having money. They aren't chasing it; they don't wish for it, and they aren't feeling sorry for themselves that they don't have it. They know the money will come time and time again.

Jerks don't have to be the only ones that make tons of money. There are many nice who also have tons of money! Their key differentiator is that they also have confidence. Confidence is key to gaining more wealth but, often, confidence is tricky because it doesn't just appear out of thin air. There are many ways to increase your confidence, and by doing so, you can also increase your overall income:

1. Identify What you have to offer

Get clear about what YOU have to offer in a work environment. What you have to offer isn't "I can code" or "I'm a nurse." It should be "I am a great communicator" or “I’m open to new ways of doing things” or “I’m detail-oriented.” What you are looking for is transferable skills that will be useful no matter what work function you do. Jerks are usually great at one thing and use that one thing for many different industries. Whether it be your listening skills, sales capability, explaining capability, or attentiveness, you should know where you excel. If you are struggling coming up with this list, start with your current coworkers and ask them what they believe your strengths are as a co-worker.

2. Become more Self-aware

Do you negatively speak to yourself? Do you put yourself down for every mistake you make? Usually, how you treat yourself is how others will treat you. Jerks do not apologize for their errors or highlight their weaknesses. Instead, they focus on their strengths. Are you focusing on your strengths or your weaknesses? Start by being kind to yourself and acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes. From the kindness comes confidence.

3. Get feedback from people you trust

Another way to increase your self-worth is by getting feedback on your performance from people you trust. You may be surprised how positively people view what you do! It could be something like "you are always here to listen to me" or "I couldn't get my job done if it weren't for your help." You can also ask for their advice on how you might be able to improve. It is crucial this is coming from people you trust, or it may put you into a deeper spiral of not feeling worthy of money.

4. Move on!

If your job or your career is no longer serving you or supporting you, move on! One of the telltale signs of lack of confidence is staying at a position far past its expiration date. Move on and realize you deserve more. It is not okay to request more money. Wanting a different challenge is okay. Having big dreams is encouraged!

Remember that jerks are NOT the only ones who make money. Making money is not a bad thing, it can be a sign of self-respect. Let's learn from jerks! If you work on your self-confidence, your net worth will come up with it.

Does your self-worth and income match?