Financially Stressed? Here Are 5 Things To Do

When you feel financially stressed it can feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest. It can feel like there is no hope in sight and you don't know how to remedy the problem. Financial stress, no matter how burdensome, does not have to corrupt your spirit. Here are five steps to feeling less stressed (that have nothing to do with actual cash!): 

Step 1: Get Up Early

Getting up early gives you more time in the day to tackle what YOU want to do. When you are up before anyone else, it gives you a chance to determine your mood and goals for the day. Whether that is fitting in a quick workout, journaling your goals, or paying some bills you have been avoiding. Spending time early in the morning helps you feel ahead of the game. When you feel ahead of the game, you can focus on creating solutions rather than feeling behind. 

Step 2: Write Down Your Goals

When is the last time you thought about your financial goals? Half the reason individuals do not reach their financial goals is because they do not know what they are! Write down how you want your life to look, and that includes how much money you want. It doesn't matter if you are at a minimum wage job or are only at an internship. Write down what you want. Once you have a goal, you have something to strive for each day. Attach your financial goal to a mirror or a desk where you can wake up and be reminded of it every day.

Step 3: Do Something Physical

You do not have to become Arnold Schwarzenegger to get healthy. Doing something, even for 15-minutes during the day, will help relieve you from the stress of life. We cannot be emotionally, financially, or spiritually healthy if we are not physically healthy. Do yourself a favor, especially when bills seem overwhelming, and go on a quick walk. Exercising will help you keep your head clear and make better decisions financial and otherwise.

step 4: Grab Coffee With a Friend

Catching up with someone you care about can help improve your mood and give you a chance to recharge. When you feel burnt out and overwhelmed, sometimes the last thing you want to do is go out and be social. However, this may be exactly what you need to reset! Enjoying your relationships in life will allow you to cherish the small moments, help you feel more at ease, and less lonely with life's woes.

step 5: Give back 

There is no better way to put your financial stress into perspective than volunteering. When you see how little others have it makes you cherish what you do have. Giving of yourself whether it be tutoring, picking up trash in your community, or volunteering at a homeless shelter can do wonders to help others and heal your soul. 

What else do you do to put your financial stress into perspective?