Your Morning Routine + Your Money

The first 60 minutes of your day should be "me" time. By cleaning up your morning routine, you actually clean up your finances and can become a more aware spender. Here is Money Therapy's breakdown of your first 60 minutes:

1. Put Your Phone Away

Have you ever woken up in the morning, stopped your phone alarm, then proceded to scroll on social media? This is most of us. An innocent scroll can turn into so much wasted time! Putting your phone away after the alarm goes off can save you 30-40 minutes in the morning that you could be productive. 

time: 5 minutes 

2. Eat the Frog

Do your most uncomfortable task in the morning. Need to pay a bill you have been putting off? Write an uncomfortable letter? Workout? By doing your most uncomfortable task first thing in the morning it makes the rest of the day feel like a breeze.

time: 30 minutes

3. Daily To-Do

Your time is precious. Not everything that pops up in your email is urgent. By sitting down for 10 minutes and mapping out what your priorities really are for the day you eliminate wasted time, money, and energy. 

time: 10 minutes

4. Eat!

Eating breakfast has so many great benefits. It helps energize you, keeps you healthy, and more alert. Putting fuel into your system, especially if you have worked out, can make you physically and mentally stronger for your day. 

time: 10 minutes 

5. Be Thankful

Take five minutes out of your morning to give thanks for what you already have. Happiness cannot be bought. Your family, health, and friendships are what brings us true joy. By getting in a better state of mind, we won't try to "buy" material items to keep us happy. 

time: 5 minutes 

What is your morning routine?