Your Morning Routine & Your Money

If you’ve ever studied successful people, you know that they typically wake up before 6 am. They have owed much of their success to having a morning routine and sticking to it. During the morning, many successful individuals meditate, workout, eat and catch up on the news before the delve into work.

After years of putting this off myself, I too have concluded that your morning route and your success are directly correlated. When I wake up early I have found that my mind is more precise, I am more alert, and I have already gotten out of the way my checklist before I take on the task of what other’s need me to do. What I have found is also astounding, my money has increased tremendously after starting a morning route. Instead of rushing to the gym after work or trying to fit in some personal time after work, I have found all this extra time where I can improve my business. More time to work = more money!

If you’re interested in increasing your happiness, wellbeing, and net worth, read below on what to do for the first 60 minutes of your day. By cleaning up your morning routine, you will clean up your finances:

1. Put Your Phone Away

Have you ever woken up in the morning, stopped your phone alarm, then proceeded to scroll on social media? I have found that most us do the mindless morning scroll that leads to so much wasted time. Putting your phone away after the alarm goes off can save you 30-40 minutes in the morning that you could be productive. 

Instead, try to invest in a standard alarm clock. I know it sounds completely outdated, but it works! Ariana Huffington puts her phone away in the kitchen in its “bed” as to not disturb her in the middle of the night or break her morning routine. Try it and see how much time you save instead of scrolling mindlessly.

time: 5 minutes 

2. Eat the Frog

After you mindlessly scroll through your phone, do you go downstairs and watch a few minutes of TV with your coffee? Do you dread heading to work and instead find you are almost late? Get out of that rut by doing the most heinous task you have first thing in the morning. For most people, this is working out.

By doing your most uncomfortable task first thing in the morning, it makes the rest of the day feel like a breeze. You may even be elated when it is over and realize it is only 7 am! You automatically put yourself in a better mood whenever the task you have been avoiding is over, and now you have the rest of the day to enjoy.

time: 30 minutes

3. Daily To-Do

Do you find yourself cringing when you hit that inbox button on your phone? Do dread and anxiety wash over you when you turn on the computer? Stop that feeling today!

Remember that your time is precious. Not everything that pops up in your email is urgent. By sitting down for 10 minutes and mapping out what your priorities are for the day you eliminate wasted time, money, and energy. Do this before you get to work and turn on your email.

Also, a good rule of thumb is to only write down 2-3 priorities for the day. A laundry list of to-dos will not ease your anxiety, it will add to it. Shorten your list and focus.

time: 10 minutes

4. Eat!

After you scroll on your phone, roll out of bed and have a coffee, and have a shower…you may grab a sugary bar or eat nothing at all. Without eating, you are left feeling lethargic and exhausted until lunch time. Cut this habit out! You need to eat to sustain your body with real fuel in the morning. It not only energizes you but it keeps you healthy and more alert. If you change your routine to include morning workouts, this is a must!

time: 10 minutes 

5. Be Thankful

Do you moan and groan when the alarm goes off? If you do, you are putting your brain in a negative mindset for the rest of the day. Take five minutes out of your morning to give thanks for what you already have. Your family, health, and friendships are what brings you real joy. By getting in a better state of mind, we won't try to "buy" material items to keep you happy.

time: 5 minutes 

Do you see the slight differences in each of these activities? It shifts your mind from a negative to a positive, from a passive to an active, from defeated to victorious. Your money follows your mindset. If you already feel defeated and behind your finances will reflect that. If you don’t plan your day, you certainly will not prepare your finances. Shift your morning and see how much more it shifts your life.

What is your morning routine?