Where financial education meets action

Money Therapy was founded on the belief that financial education and action should live together. With an increase in financial tools and options but a stagnation in knowledge many ask themselves "where do I go?" When you feel as if you can't trust an advisor but are unsure who to go to for honest financial advice, Money Therapy is your solution. We help clients understand their money so that they can eventually have the tools to budget, invest, and take care of debt on their own.  

We help you develop an action plan dependent upon your goals. No frills or fuss, this is about maximizing what you have and helping you comprehend it at the same time. We have multiple consulting services that we offer. We know that our services might not be for everyone. We are looking for individuals who are ready and willing to make a change in their personal financial life. We have clients from all walks of life and do not focus on overall net worth but on the financial health of an individual and family.